how can you create more
“natural” in your life?
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When you are ready to take make changes in your life, it’s more than a list of things to do.

You need a real framework for understanding how to make decisions that are both good for you AND feel good to do.

How good would it feel to make changes, AND have more smiles at the same time?


Why Natural Matters explores the complex topic of the emotions of decision making by tying it to images, technique and stories that are concrete.

You can create a life that is filled with wellness.

You can make decisions that give you motivation and energy and a sense of your own goodness and power.

First steps

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What others say

When I found out that my friend Becky was writing a book about Why Natural Matters, I was really excited. I knew that it would be Amazing – and it is! The integrity, passion and focus with which Becky undertakes whatever she sets her mind to is extra-ordinary. She is an inspiration to anyone with a vision.. What inspires me is the depth of her commitment to Natural, and the way she has of making her vision all encompassing. She has taken the spark which started as a lovely natural product called ‘Goodbye Sandfly’ and grown it into an inclusive culture of ‘Natural’ with her unique ability to make us all feel like part of her family. I can’t wait to see what comes next…… watch this space everyone, Aroha, Mandi

I started reading Why Natural Matters on the plane and couldnt put it down. Becky provides inspirational thoughts and guidance. And yes, natural does matter. I felt empowered to review a bunch of things in my life and make a more positive approach to “running my line”. Suzanne

What you gain:

  • Learn to identify this one group of chemicals so that you do not have to be an expert label reader to make good decisions
  • Learn how to impact what the grocery store puts on its shelves
  • Learn two things that will allow you to eat organically for less money than conventional food
  • Learn about why avoiding The Dirty Dozen will dramatically reduce your chemical consumption
  • Learn how to avoid Genetically Modified Ingredients even if you’re not a label reader

Change the way you think about wellness

  • Why the words you choose to use are critical to your health
  • What the most important factor is for determining the success of your health choices
  •  3 steps based on the language of rivers to connect with your power to guide your life
  • How you can cultivate joy in your own body independent of what the world is doing

 If you Knew…

that you had the power to change the world, by making that change in yourself, what would you do? Take ONE breath, and decide…

    The rest is just details.
    Becky’s book is available in Barnes & Noble Nook and Sony Reader.